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Image Copyright And Ownership
All photographs and digital files provided by the customer/member for printing must be owned and/or properly licensed by the customer/member. The customer/member retains the copyright and ownership of their uploaded photographs.

Maitland Framing Gallery accepts no responsibility for facilitating the sale and printing of misleading customer/member uploaded image files. This is the sole responsibility of the customer/member. Should any legal repercussions arise due to the sale of prints where the image file did not belong to that customer/member, the customer/member will be responsible for all legal costs involved.

Maitland Framing Gallery claims no ownership or copyright over the photographs or digital files provided by the customer/member. All images uploaded to Maitland Framing Gallery remain the sole property of the customer/member.

Warranty, Returns, & Refunds
If you are not completely satisfied with the product you purchased, you must notify Maitland Framing Gallery within 7 days from the delivery date.

If you have made a wrong choice or changed your mind, please contact us to negotiate a satisfactory solution. All expenses associated with the return are the customer's responsibility.

We strive to match the colors of the frames and mats you order, but we cannot be responsible for minor variations in color due to manufacturing or minor grain variation in timber frames.

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