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Greetings! We're Tony and Jo, the proud new owners of Maitland Framing Gallery.

Maitland Framing Gallery Owners

With Tony's extensive background spanning over three decades in the building and glazing industry, his craftsmanship brings a touch of excellence to our framing services. As a seasoned carpenter and glazier, Tony's commitment to quality shines through in every project. Beyond his professional expertise, he enjoys pursuing woodworking ventures on the side - crafting mirrors with wooden and wrought iron frames, display boxes for cricket bats, and repurposing used furniture into unique pieces like chairs made from bed frames and bar tables from cable reels.

Maitland Framing Gallery Tony

Joanne, with years of administrative experience, seamlessly juggled her career while nurturing our family and homeschooling our children. Her passion for arts and crafts fuels her creative spirit, from sewing and painting to leatherwork and resin art. If Joanne encounters a task she can’t quite complete, she can count on Tony stepping in, equipped with the necessary tools to finish the job, showcasing his skills and creativity in action.

Our lovely daughter, Charli, has recently joined the Maitland Framing Gallery team, bringing her passion for creativity and social media expertise to our family-owned business. With her keen eye for design and dedication to engaging our audience, Charli oversees our social media presence, ensuring that every post reflects the beauty and craftsmanship we're known for. As the daughter of Joanne and Tony, Charli embodies our commitment to quality and personalised service, helping us continue to delight our customers and share our love for framing with the world.

Maitland Framing Gallery Charli

Together, we form a dynamic team, exchanging ideas and concepts to deliver exceptional results. We understand that design is subjective, embracing the diversity of perspectives that enrich each project.

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