Hanging Systems

What do you do when you have a big mirror or frame to hang ?


 these aluminium bars are slim line and very safe and secure on the wall. comes up to 1.8m long 


We carry Artiteq Picture Hanging System This system allows you to hang artwork without the need for additional holes in the wall. It consists of track, nylon or wire drops and hooks.

The track is put under the ceiling cornice. The drops are positioned anywhere along the track and up to 4 hooks can be placed on each hanger. You can change the position of artwork at any time with ease and without damaging your wall.

Click Rail ProArtiteq Blister Art 13 Rtcht Hook+Perlon

You want to hang your pictures safely. Choosing an Artiteq picture hanging system is a good decision that guarantees benefits for the long term.

A picture hanging system includes a rail that you mount to a wall or ceiling, and hanging wires and hooks.

Using clips, it’s easy to mount the rail to the wall by clicking it onto the clips.

Since the hanging wires may be clicked onto or slid into the rail wherever you like, you always have flexibility when it comes to hanging and rehanging wall decorations.

See it in use in store at 111 Melbourne St , East Maitland