Handy Hints


Transporting your Pictures

Don’t carry your pictures by the wire or cord as the bounce effect of walking creates added tension not only on the hanging hardware, but also on the frame itself. Don’t leave your picture out in the sun or in a hot car any longer than necessary. A quick temperature change can create condensation that is detrimental to the artwork.

Hanging Your Pictures

All picture frames should be hung with picture hooks.

Hanging from a nail lets the frame easily shift from being level and increases the possibility of the picture frame being bumped and knocked off the wall.

In most instances, picture frames should be hung using two hooks. This will also help the frame stay level.

We carry Artiteq Picture Hanging System This system allows you to hang artwork without the need for additional holes in the wall. It consists of track, nylon or wire drops and hooks. The track is put under the ceiling cornice. The drops are positioned anywhere along the track and up to 4 hooks can be placed on each hanger. You can change the position of artwork at any time.
If you have a very heavy frame or if you are mounting frames on brick or masonry walls, the use of masonry hangers is suggested.
 Glass Cleaning
When the need arises to clean the glass on your picture frame, spray the cleaner onto a soft cloth and then clean the glass. If you spray the cleaner directly onto the glass it may run under the frame’s lip, under the glass, and onto the mat board, or worse still, onto the artwork itself.