Best of Materials

Let’s start at the top
As we all do when we love doing something,
I am very particular about the materials I use.
Frame Moulding
Frame mouldings, both Australian sourced and moulding
from overseas have come a long way. We don’t use plastic
(synthetic) mouldings as they are too brittle and break easily.
Our moulding selection covers a large range, from modern flats,
slick colours, pastel colours, metallics and woods,
(both traditional and modern).

Regular Clear 
Fine for decor prints and some photos that can be replaced if you think you may update later.
Minimum reflection without the smokey appearance
(The new Non Reflective) and a 70% protected against UV light
Non Reflective 
For those bright areas that reflect light. non reflective glass will cut back on the glare on the image.
Museum Glass. 
Looks like it’s not there and blocks the  damaging ultraviolet rays.
Lightweight, UV blocking, safe
(can tend to scratch and is staticy)
Heatseal. A superior laminate, looks flat, not streaking, good for lightweight applications. ideal for the kids room as there no glass to break


We now use conservation board Artique matboards.
 Great range of colour and top quality acid free, conservation grade, fade resistant.
multi opening mats …. no problem.
 The list goes on from tapes , backing, wire attachments. We only use the best!